A flexible and hybrid text editor | IDE

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Colon provides panels for every functionality, which are very easy to access from sidebar

Hybrid IDE

Colon is capable of executing multiple programming languages simultaneously and provide real time preview for Markup languages


Colon provide various settings and themes, which you can changes very easily

Subtle design that facilitates improved operation and likeability

The app’s main layout is well-thought, and it’s evident that attention has been provided for even the slightest details. Text can be inputted freely in the central editor, and the side panels will offer great project management as well as a log for the IDE.

Dealing with several documents at a time is no problem, as Colon offers tab management for multiple documents simultaneously. Regarding actual text editing, one will benefit from useful feature such as content-based suggestions for fast and efficient text inputting.

A competent text editor that doubles as an IDE for those who require more

For those who seek a stylish text editor that also offers IDE capabilities, all in an accessible package, Colon could be a very pertinent choice. Its streamlined design, combined with actual useful and comprehensive features make it a reliable tool for inputting and managing text or, even working on code lines in several supported languages. The tool is also available for mac OS and Linux.

Awesome Features

Cross-Platform Editing

Colon works across operating systems. Use it on OS X, Windows, or Linux.

File System Browser

Easily browse and open a single file, a whole project, or multiple files in one window.


Colon helps you write code faster.

Syntax Highlighting

Colon provides syntax highlighting over 50+ languages.

Runtime Environment

Colon supports runtime environment upto 15+ languages.

Real Time Code Sharing

Onc colon user can send his code to another colon user by just one click, then both can edit the same file.

Real Time Preview

Colon provides real time preview for Markup languages, ie. HTML, MD.


Colon provides you facility to create template for specific file extensions.

All Editor Functionality

Colon provide all the features which is provided by any other editor.

Online Support

Create issue on github repo, developers will fix it ; )







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